Schools and Youth

Here you will find a description of the educational programs we offer to young people, including students and youth-at-risk.

Choices and Consequences
An intensive program for youth, ages 11-14, who are facing school suspension for making poor choices.

Courtlink Youth Program
A hands-on educational experience for youth-at-risk that emphasizes the consequences of breaking the law.

Courtlink Autocrime Prevention Program
A program that focuses on the consequences of auto crime and how youth can play a role in preventing auto crime.

Judicial Independence Program
Students in Social Studies 11 and Law 12 learn about judicial independence through case studies, then meet a real-life judge.

Justice System Education Program
School and community groups take part in court orientations, mock trials, judge’s sessions and more at a courthouse.

Peer Resolution Conferences for Youth
A project that aims to provide students and administrators with an effective alternative to traditional school discipline procedures such as suspension.