Kids in the Middle


The Kids in the Middle program is for Aboriginal parents and their families and communities. It provides information and activities to help adults who are separating to address their own personal needs and respond better to the needs of their children.

The program is designed as information for educational purposes; it is not a therapy or counselling program.

The goal of the Kids in the Middle program is to empower parents to make informed decisions about the way they resolve their parenting issues after separation in a manner that is in the best interests of their child(ren).

This is accomplished by providing information about:

  1. The emotions experienced by adults during separating and divorce.
  2. How to assist children through the separation process
  3. Dispute resolution options and court procedures
  4. The Child Support Guidelines and Community resources

A “refresher” resource is provided here for community service workers who have received Kids in the Middle training and feel the need to review their learning.

The program materials consist of:

Resources for Facilitators
Background material and lessons for one-to-one sessions and community workshops, including overheads.

Strategies, tips and worksheets to help adults assess their own personal needs and respond to the needs of their children.

Realistic scenarios related to separation from an Aboriginal perspective.

For more information about the program, visit the Programs section. To order materials, visit the Resources section.