• Public education of the law courts began in 1979 with the completion of the Law Courts complex in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • In the fall of 1988, a special Law Reform Committee created by the then Deputy Attorney General of BC, Ted Hughes, published a report with recommendations for changes to the BC Justice System. The report states:

    “Citizens must be given the information they need in a meaningful form, so that they can gain access to the justice system…”

  • In 1989, the BC Ministry of Attorney General, the Judiciary, and the Canadian Bar Association (BC Branch) created the Law Courts Education Society and assumed responsibility for the law courts education programs that had begun in 1979.
  • Since the Society‚Äôs inception in 1989, over 500,000 individuals, the majority of them students and youth, have visited courts and received an introduction to the operation of the legal system.
  • The Law Courts Education Society now has an outstanding performance record in justice system education, both in Canada and internationally.