It is an often asked question that should an employer pay usual commissions in addition to their base salary over their severance period? The answer is in the positive. Commissions are also to be paid to the employee all throughout the reasonable notice or severance period, if their payment mode is inclusive of such payments. And if the employee has worked through this period it is necessary to pay him. If discrepancies are observed in the process then the employee can always contact Toronto employment lawyers. After all you must not be deprived of your rights unlawfully.

How does law come of use?

In the court of law your commission will be prorated, based on the previous year. If the payment is due for about six months the court will thereby award the person the same amount of money they received the previous year for six months as prorated.

In unusual circumstances, such as in the case of new employees who probably are not supposed to get severance money the lawyers will find new and unique ways to show what the employee could have earned had she worked the reasonable period and Toronto employment lawyers might be your best shot in such matters.

However, it is out of the court’s control to limit or award the commission during the severance period, if the employer is successful in proving or not proving that their employee is not supposed to earn the money regardless of working the time period. There have been cases where an employee was told to leave the company for a trivial reason as the loss of his account. So even if this employee worked the period reasonable, he would not have received commissions. So the court could not have awarded the commission amount to the employee. Toronto employment lawyers find such situations tricky.

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Is there any contract for the subtraction of commissions?

Contracts are a big deal; with the right company it can be a major reason for joy, whilst with the wrong company it can be a great ordeal. A lot can be achieved on both ends, that is the employer and the employee through contracts. Usually, it is not possible on the part of the employer to actually cut off commission money through a contract. Toronto employment lawyers point out that such a feat will be hard to pull for the employer. The reason is by employment standards, commissions are treated equal to “wages”. Thereby no attempt at cutting them of will really be successful.

There cannot be a contract that cuts off “wages”. So any termination clause related to it will not be enforced. But an employee must not always know his or her rights, and might not know half of the things mentioned here. It will be that much easier for the employer to fool the employee if they really want to. Thereby it is better advised to contact Toronto employment lawyers whenever you feel like there may be some kind of discrepancy in your salary and your employer has decided not to comply.

Authorities have been tracking the influx of irregular migration since last year, April. Due to this, about 400 people have been deported as they were crossing the U.S. border illegally. Immigration lawyer Toronto Canada has given an estimate of the irregular migrants; it is a small number of people, of about 32,173. These migrants are said to have entered from unguarded borders. They are waiting to be heard in court, and get their asylum claims accepted.

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A total of 398 claimants had failed to prove their plea and was deported by Canada. Of these, 146 were deported to the States where only 116 are legal citizens of the U.S.  The rest of them had been deported to a number of other countries, with about of 53 of them being sent to Haiti, 24 of them sent to Colombia, 19 to Turkey and 15 to Iraq.

There were 238 men and 160 women and about 48 of them were under the age of 17, according to immigration lawyer Toronto Canada.

A lot of lawyers talk about how people from other countries come to the U.S. and have kids, while they try to become citizens and regularize their status as immigrants. This makes the situation complicated for the children. Immigrants are usually deported to countries that they came from, or their previous permanent address. All the asylum claims by them has been rejected.

All the irregular migrants have been deported regardless of whether or not they have criminal backgrounds, said immigration lawyer Toronto Canada. Only 64 percent of 12,190 claims were granted in the first half of the present year.

Sharry Aiken, a law professor of Queen’s University, said, She was not surprised to see the low rates in the number of deportees. She claims that, the refugee board is yet to determine a large chunk of the asylum claims. The reason, as cited by her, is the inadequacy of funds for a really long time which prevented them from calling in new decision-makers. Immigration lawyer Toronto Canada agrees with this information.

The immigration problem has long been a battle, and only recently has Canada started questioning asylum seekers. Canada has been a home to lots of immigrants in the past, but the recent influx has left them worried and the Canadian government has been trying to filter the coming in of migrants.

The process of deportation takes quite some time. When a claim is refused, a lot of processes begin. The latest statistics show that there have been 55,567 claims that are new and were placed at the end of June. Among these, 13,687 have been processed, and about 7,831 have been accepted. The number of claims rejected amount to 4,359 and whatever number of claims remained were either withdrawn or abandoned. According to immigration lawyer Toronto Canada, a backlog also exists of the number of immigrants and that is inclusive of claimants who have come from other countries, and not illegally through the borders of the U.S.

It’s an age-old question. Many people when facing a criminal charge wonders whether there is any need to hire a Toronto criminal defence lawyer. The truth of the fact is that whether one is guilty of a crime or not is a secondary matter. First of all, as soon as one is charged or arrested for a criminal offense, it is important to get in touch with a criminal attorney.


Don’t Fight the Criminal Charges on Your Own

When facing a criminal charge, many people feel tempted to take the case into their own hands. If they try to fight the case on their own, it can be highly dangerous. After all, the criminal law is very complicated. Without a proper knowledge of the law, fighting the case can make the situation worse.

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Criminal Lawyers

Criminal Lawyers have vast knowledge about criminal law. The Toronto criminal defence lawyer knows the right process through which a case can be fought at the court.

The Canadian law takes all these charges seriously and can punish people according to the seriousness of the offense. So when a person is charged with a crime, one’s life remains at stake. Being convicted, they can face fines, jail time, and a criminal record. In order to defend the accusations, a criminal attorney can prove to be very helpful.


How Can the Attorneys Defend Clients?

If you have decided to take the help of a Toronto criminal defence lawyer, you have taken the right move. Having a lawyer by one’s side can help one to get the best possible defense for a case. Interested to know, how? Go through the rest of the blog.


Legal Knowledge

Individuals without technical knowledge can find it difficult to take the case forward correctly. However, a criminal lawyer having vast years of legal training would know the best way to approach our case.

Case Analysis

In order to defend their clients, Toronto criminal defence lawyer will try to speak with the clients and try to understand the situation that leads to the arrest or charges. Basically, they will evaluate the case and provide an honest feedback about the case, i.e. where the case stands.


Provide Advice

After evaluating the case, the criminal attorney will advise clients on the steps that need to be taken. They can train clients on how to answer questions which the prosecutor might ask.


Gather Evidence

The law enforcement officials and prosecutions will investigate the vase from their end and come up with evidence. The attorney from their end will try to investigate the case. Moreover, the Toronto criminal defence lawyer will do their best to exclude certain evidence. They can cross-examine witnesses and analyze their statements.

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Prepare the Case

The lawyer can help to fight the charges by making their clients fully prepared for it. They can provide evidence in order to support the client’s innocence. In fact, they can represent clients and speak on their behalf so that their innocence is proved.

In order to avoid facing extreme situations, it would be better if one takes the help of a criminal defense lawyer. Facing criminal charges? Get in touch with a lawyer today.


express entry

There is a lot of misconception when it comes to Express Entry System. If you think of applying for permanent residence under this system, it is necessary to start by understanding the basics. Here are some of the commonly asked questions when it comes to the Express Entry law Service in Canada.

The Express Entry System is only applicable to three economic immigration programs in Canada. These are,

  • The Federal Skilled Trades Class
  • A portion of the Provincial Nominee Programs
  • The Federal Skilled Workers Class Program
  • The Canadian Experience Class

You need to fulfill all the requirements if any of these above programs that are in order are to be considered in the Express Entry system. However, you need to keep in mind that Express Entry law Service is not a just a program in itself.  It is just for the management group of immigration programs which apply to skilled economic immigrants.

How Long is It Going to Take for the Application to be Processed?

When you get an invitation to apply, you will have to submit a complete application in order to get permanent residency within 90 days. The IRCC aims in processing the application just within 6 months from the date you submitted the completed documents.

What is an Express Entry Profile?

For a candidate who wants to be considered in the Express Entry law Service, he/she will make an impression of interest by filling the profile.  The profile is going to contain the information on the candidate like language, work experience, and education.

What Happen After the Creation of the Express Entry Profile?

Once you are done creating the Express Entry Profile, you will be able to qualify for four immigration programs which are considered in this system. You will actually enter into a pool.  This is going to contain the list of the potential candidates who might be given an invitation to apply through the program. The candidates are chosen from the pool by the provincial and federal government. People who are selected are sent an invitation for applying for permanent residency under any one of the four programs. There isn’t any limitation to the number of people who can be admitted to the pool.

What Happens when You are in the Pool?

When you are in the pool, you will be able to make changes to the Express Entry law Service profile. This can increase your chances of being given an invitation for applying. For example, you will be able to make changes to the work experience, language proficiency, and education credentials.  You will receive an ITA if you meet the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System cut-off threshold that is set aside for the draw.

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Why will You Need the Help of an Immigration Lawyer?

The information which you are including in the Express Entry law Service profile is very important. This will determine if you are going to be selected into the pool. If any of the personal information is found to be incorrect or false, the IRCC might consider it a misinterpretation and you might have to face heavy penalties. For instance, you might be banned from re-entering the pool for about five years.  If you work with an immigration lawyer, you will not have to face such issues.